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How to have great sex

It is perhaps a shame that while we live in one of the most advanced cultures in the world and yet know so little about how to make each other happy in that most human of all endeavors, sex. With a few small additions to your sexual vocabulary you can break out of boredom and lead happier, more satisfying sex lives. Here we'll look at three important additions to one's sex life: position, time, and location.


Man on Top

Everybody starts out in this so-called "missionary position": man on top, woman on the bottom, face-to-face. It's where we were when most of us lost our virginity.

This position gets a lot of bad press these days because it's "old-fashioned," or perhaps because it's "patriarchal." Actually, there's nothing wrong with this position; it affords excellent support for thrusting, close intimate contact between lovers, and is an ideal position for conception. The woman may lie with her legs spread wide and to the sides, or may draw them up to her chest. In either position, the man cannot reach her vulva for manual stimulation although in the first he can reach her breasts.

A variation on this position is for the woman to sit in a chair or on the edge of a low bed, thus allowing the man to kneel on the floor for thrusting. For heavyset men it can reduce the weight he places upon his partner, and allows for both partners to reach their genitals. Although technically regarded as "superior" to traditional missionary position by many sex therapists, most people who actually have sex feel this position is less "intimate."A third variant of man-on-top is one in which the woman lies on her stomach and the man penetrates her from behind. For many women, this position can stimulate the G-spot; however, it can also cause the penis to strike the cervix, causing pain. While this position has many of the disadvantages of any position where two people are not face-to-face, it is still popular with some couples.

Woman on Top

This position is highly recommended in the few "how to lose your virginity" manuals still lying around, mostly because it allows the woman to fully control the speed at which sex occurs.
There are several different positions classified as "woman on top." The most common is that she straddles his hips, taking his penis inside her, and then lies down or crouches atop him, either with her legs bent or stretched out. She may also choose to just sit straight up atop him, sliding up and down; this position is both visually stimulating for the man and allows him to play with her breasts freely.

Occasionally in adult movies one may see this position done with the woman facing away from her partner. While the sensations giving to both partners in this position are very different and may be very stimulating, most people feel the loss of intimacy involved is not worth the difference.


This position is for sex in slow motion; the angles are all wrong for any sort of vigorous thrusting.
The man sits in a chair or cross-legged on the floor while the woman sits astride him, usually face-to-face although it can work equally well if she faces away. This position is good for caressing and intimacy. Some people recommend rocking chairs for this position.


Reminiscent of "quickies" and illicit sex in alleyways, standing is actually one of the more complicated positions to achieve, at least face-to-face. Insertion can be difficult; standing, the vagina is not tilted forward for easy access. Since women are on average shorter than their male partners this position may require a short footstool or convenient staircase step to make it possible. At any rate, someone may want a friendly wall to hold both of them up during this act.
Another variant of standing is similar to the third one in man- on-top; the woman faces the wall or bookcase or whatever she's using to hold herself up and the man penetrates her vagina from behind. This position is considerably easier than face-to-face standing, and many people like it for it's "naughty" or "illicit" connotations.


These positions all mirror the "on top" positions, except that the partners now lie on their sides on the bed. They can be achieved face-to-face, at an angle or from behind.

The one difficulty with this position face-to-face is that someone has to rest their leg atop their partner's (usually the man's leg is on top of the woman's lower leg); after only a few minutes of keeping still or resting in this position, the partner whose leg is below may feel cramping, pain, or a sensation that the leg is "falling asleep" due to a cut-off of the blood supply; however, many women find that if a continual rocking in-and-out movement is kept going, blood will naturally flow into the lower leg and the position can then be sustained in comfort for the duration of intercourse.

Done when the woman faces away from the man, side-by-side intercourse can be slow and relaxing; one can almost fall asleep comfortably like this. In this position, it is known as "spooning." (The term applies mostly to the act of sleeping in that position, not necessarily the act of sex.)


Although several positions already described can also be covered under the term "rear-entry" (see man-on-top and side-by-side), most people use this term to describe the position in which the woman kneels on her hands and knees while the man enters her from behind.
As shown here, the woman is braced on both hands and knees; a common variant is for the woman to crouch with her arms bent, her face turned to one side on the bed, and her butt tilted upward; this allows her to distribute her weight more evenly along her forearms, chest, knees, and shins.
Some people strongly dislike this position because of the lack of intimacy and the suggestion of male "dominance"; others like it for the freedom and strength that can be employed during the act of intercourse. The term "doggy style" has been employed to describe this position in the past, although this descriptive is inaccurate at best.


When should we have sex?

When you have sex is a decision you will start to make only after you've gotten through the initial "all the time!" stage. Eventually, though, any person will develop a habit of making love with a certain pattern. Acquiring that pattern is the start of boredom; breaking that pattern can be the road to a new discovery.
If you and your partner are prone to making love only at night, try it for breakfast instead. Run home during lunch for a quickie. No time is more significant to lovemaking than any other, except that the time be good for both you and your partner.


Where should we have sex?

In bed, to start with. Seriously, there is no "better" place to make love than a bed. It's designed to hold people lying down; it's even designed for them to be a little rambunctious.
However, like time of day, location can become boring with repetition. Moving your sex life into a different room can be as much of a change as night and day. For starters, try the living room; most have a couch. Spread a blanket on the floor, start a fire in the fireplace if you have one, feed each other small, intimate snacks like grapes and champagne, and enjoy. A quickie on the kitchen floor (so popular since Indecent Proposal) can be fun as well.

What about the shower?

The shower, as well as the swimming pool, have their disadvantages. For one thing, lubricant doesn't last very long in environments of such overwhelming volumes of water. For another, usually the only position available is standing, with all of the attendant problems of differences in height. Another common problem is that the floor of most bathtubs is very slippery, especially if you spill lubricant on it! However, it's frequently the only place other than the bedroom where both of you are likely to be comfortable and naked, especially in winter. Don't let all the "problems" listed here stop you from trying out what could become one of your favorite places to make love.

And outdoors?

Having sex outdoors has its own challenges and rewards. Many people feel that sex outdoors is closer to nature; others feel it is more illicit, "in full view of the whole sky." If you're going to have sex outdoors in any position other than standing, plan ahead of time to bring a blanket. Avoid using bug spray and sun block until afterwards-- both taste awful. On the other hand, sunburns on your genitals can be excruciating; take care.

Caveat lover...

Having sex in strange places is a turn-on for many. How strange a place you want to make love is a matter of some concern of course, since outside of the privacy of your own home, having sex in full view is likely to arouse the interest of the local constabulary. Getting arrested for public indecency is likely to catch the attention of your employer as well. Plan any such dalliances in advance and scope out your intended rendezvous point for possible problems, interruptions, and routes of escape if necessary. And whatever you do, put your used condoms and wrappers in the trash can; stopping litter isn't just good citizenship, here's it's a matter of sheer good taste.

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Indian Real Sex Stories

Raj real story (Andhra Pradesh):

Hi I am Raj ( all names changed) writing from Andhra Pradesh. I am a regular reader of kerala erotica. Actually this story starts nearly 10 yrs ago. Then I was in a small town on high way. There were some road side hotels ( dhabas ) nearly 2 km.. distant from town. One day I went there to eat rotis. There I saw a really beautiful girl in one of those hotels. she was the daughter of owner of a hotel. her name is vijji. She might be nearly 18 yrs old, fair complexion, slender and shapes are not visible through her chudidar. I was attracted by her and I start to visit her hotel regularly, at first she is not interested but soon she fell for me. When ever there is a power cut I kissed her and fondle her well shaped buttocks. While she came close to me. But I never dare to touch her boobs. Though her family got suspicious about us they could not dare to ask me as I have a big friends group. Nearly 6 months went like this. One day I invited her into one of my friend’s room. When she arrives, I took her in and start to kiss her passionately she too answered the same. I massaged her boobs and found that they were bigger than I imagine. I removed her dress top and mad to see those excellent shaped boobs of her. Her nipples are very small in light brown color. I sucked them , when I tried to remove her pants she requested not to do that. I obliged. I guided her hand to hold my throbbing dick. She refused to. After one hour I send her out. Mean while all this was known by her parents. And within one month they marry her to a man who is working in a bus. I too went to that marriage. After her marriage I too was transferred from that town to my present place which is nearly 150 km. after I left that town only two or three times I visited that again. Once or twice I enquired about her, but my friends said that she went to her in-laws village. Last month one of my friends who is settled in Hyderabad now invited me to a function in my previous town which is his native place. While we sat in bar casually he said that he saw Vijji. And he told that she is living in same town. He promised me that he will give her my mobile no. on the next day I received a call from her. She cried a lot and said that she felt very happy to meet me again. After one week I went to attend the function. And asked my friend where her house is. He showed me that, there vijji is waiting for me. Nearly after 10 yrs I saw her again. She grew more beautiful in these years. she wore a red color saree. She invited me in to her house. My friend left me alone after 5 minutes. She told that her husband is on tour as he still working for a bus. She has two children. While she walks her round hips are swaying beautifully, even her boobs are big enough. Her waist is still in good shape. She requested me to stay for lunch. I told her that I have to eat at the function. Then suddenly she requested to stay that night with her. Actually I am not prepared for that. And I told her sure I will spend some hours with her, but sure I will return by even midnight. She agreed. On that day evening she called me that many people are there on street and said that she will call me again when street is empty. Nearly at 10.30 she called me. My friend dropped me at the street entrance. This is the first time in my life to enter a house like a thief. I sweat a lot. While I reached her house she is waiting for me at the door. Lucky, no one observed me. She sent her two children to her mother’s house. She is alone. She wore a yellow nighty. After some chit chat I slowly placed my hand on her shoulder. And slowly I touch her left boob and squeezed it slightly. Wow, they are so firm, I asked the same, she answered that she will not allow her husband to touch them. And told that her husband is a fool and not at all good at sex. I made her to stand and fondled her buttock which are big , round and firm. She took me to the bed and she fell on bed. I removed my shirt and fell on her. I kissed her face. Removed her nighty buttons and see her pink color bra, I never see a girl wearing a pink bra. It made me mad. I kissed and fondled her breast so much. Slowly I lift her nighty. she too did not resist. Her legs are excellently shapely. Milk white in color and especially her thighs are super shaped and nearly as white as white paper. Her pussy is covered with hair and its small. she pushed me aside and removed her nighty fully , I too took away my pants , she placed her palm on my erected dick and caressed it slowly and said that I have a big dick. She holds the tip of my cock and kissed it. Slowly she removed my underwear. And remained still for few seconds looking at my 6 inches thick cock. She murmured in my ears that my cock is very big and nice. I asked her to kiss it. She did and touched the head of my cock with her tongue. I tried to push it into her mouth but she rejected that. Then she laid beside me and starts to kiss me passionately. I unhooked her bra and start to suck her big melons. They are really very tasty. I squeezed them until she said its paining. She hold my cock and start to pump it. All the time she is murmuring that she love me more and more. I rolled her and kissed her back and when I see her buttocks, I don’t know what to say. (Readers, I swear that I never see such beautiful buttocks except in some pictures). They are perfect round, fair color and very firm. I squeezed them tightly. My dick is throbbing to enter in to the crack of the buttocks. Again I rolled her toward me, she is moaning sweetly. I parted her thighs and put my dick head in to her small hole. Its really tight. She moaned loud, and lift her buttock slightly. I pressed hard to enter into her. Oh,,,,,, its like heaven when my dick entered in to her tight pussy. She clutched me tight and moaning. I start to pump her. She is moaning Ah . . . . . . ah. . . . .ah ……….. She murmured that my cock entered so deep in her. And said that my cock is felt like an iron rod. I picked up pace in my swings. I pulled out my cock completely out and enters with full force. The thudding sounds are coming. I fuck her so hard; she too answered my thrusts with raising her buttocks. After pumping her nearly 15 minutes I sprayed my cum in her pussy. When I took out my cock she squeezed it to pull out last drop of my cum. She cleaned my cock with her bra and told me that she will not wash it and will keep it under her clothes in almirah. Later with in 10 minutes I dressed up and like a thief I returned to my friend. Then by 1.00 am I start my bike to home. By early morning 4 o clock I reached home. Regularly we are in touch through phones.

Rahul tenant wife:

Hello Everybody, My name is Rahul, I am 24 years old handsome guy. My height is 5ft 8inches, fair colour and athelete body. I stay with mom and dad in Poona. My elder sister was married two years ago and she lives in foreign with her husband. My father was Govt. servant and retired last year. During his service my dad made lots of money and he purchased a big house in Poona and after his retirement we shifted to this house. I do not have any other brother or sister. I have finished my degree and am preparing for my MBA exam. The story which I am going to tell you guys today is about how I fucked Sunita. She is my tenant wife. They stay on the first floor of our house. He works in some company as sales representative and is mostly on tours. Sunita (name changed) is around 27 years old, very fair and about 5ft 6inches in height. She has big boobs and ass. She is very sexy looking women, her long hair come upto her waist, her lips are juicy from which white teeth sparkle when she smiles. She is really a very beautiful women, whom any guy would wish to fuck. I wanted to put my dick in her pussy from the first day she came to live in our house, but so far did not get the chance. We have a separate room on the terrace, which I have converted to my study room. I spend most of my time in this room preparing for my MBA exam. Every afternoon Sunita comes on the terrace to dry her washed clothes and in the evening to collect them back. I stealthily watch her from my room and dream about fucking her in each possible way. One afternoon I was studying in my room. Sunita has come on the terrace and was drying her washed clothes, suddenly it started to rain heavily. She hurriedly collected the wet clothes and rushed towards the stairs to go down but in the melee slipped and fell down and hurt her ankle. I was watching her from my room and as she fell down I rushed and helped her to get up and slowly brought her to my room, there I made her to sit on a chair. We both were drenched and our clothes became totally wet from the downpour. Rainwater was coming inside the room so I closed the door and turned towards her. Sunita's ankle was bruised from the fall and blood was coming from it. I slowly held her leg and moved her nightie upwards upto her ankle to see where she had got hurt. She was feeling shy as I moved her nightie upwards and said it is ok, she will put some ointment. But I was having other ideas. I said, " No bhabi your ankle is bruised I am having skin cream I will apply on your bruises, otherwise it will become sceptic." I took cream from the drawer and holding her leg started to apply cream on her ankle. Touching her lovely body made me hot and my dick started to get stiff in my pants. I slowly moved my had further upto her thights and pressed it slowly. Sunita was shy and got up. I hugged held her from behind and with one hand fondled her pussy and moved my another hand and grabbed her tit and started to massage slowly.. Her body relaxed and she started to enjoy the pleasure filling her body and started to moan slightly. I removed her wet panty and spread her legs, her wet pussy was looking very inviting. Without wasting a moment I started to lick it and at the same time I was pressing her boobs. My tongue was probing the pink area of her cunt and my fingers were kneading her nipples. As I jabbed my tongue deeper and deeper in her cunt, her moans grew louder and louder. My cock become as hard as rock, I took it out from my wet pant and asked Sunita to suck it. She took my 8 inches long dick in her mouth and started to suck like a hungry bitch. Her tongue was rolling around my dick and she was pushing it in and out of her mouth. I held her head in my hands and thrust it deeper in her mouth. Like a perfect whore she swallowed all my cock in her mouth. I kept still for some moment feeling the warmth of her mouth around my cock and then let her go. She started sucking again and all her sucking made me very hot, I wanted to put my dick in her pussy and fuck her. I took my cock out of her mouth and asked her to sit on my study table her legs apart and pussy wide open, showing her pink clit. The site of her clit made my dick grow by half and inch. I caught hold of her ass and putting my cock on her pussy entrance shoved it inside. My entire cock went inside and tightly fitted in her cunt. I caught her ass cheeks in both my hands and started to fuck her hard. My cock was moving like a piston thrusting in and out of her pussy. She put both her around my neck and was cooperating in the fuck. Her body was jumping up and down with each motion of the fuck and at the same time she was moaning and said "Hai ram, tumhara lund kitna mota hai mere raja, mujhe tumse chudwane mein bahut maza aa raha hai. Hai meri choot ko apne lund se phaad do mere raja. Aaj se main roj tum se chuwaungi, mere raja." Sunita was kissing me and hugging me like a mad women. I was also enjoying fucking her, I said "Meri rani, main to kabse tumhe chodana chahata tha. Aaj meri tamanna puri hui hai meri rani. Sach kahata hoon tumhari choot jaisi poori duniya mein koi choot nahin hai. Sach much aaj tumne mera dil khush kar diya hai meri rani." We both were pumping each other and pleasure was filling our bodies. I increase my speed and we both were nearing climax and then we both came together. My cock splashed her pussy with cum and she ejaculated her cunt juices in gushes. That was like eternity we held each other deriving pleasure from every moment of fucking. When we came back to our senses we both eased our tense bodies and hugged tightly and kissed passionately. I removed my dick from her pussy, it was covered with cum and pussy juice. Sunita"s pussy hole was leaking cum, which was flowing to her ass hole. She put a finger in her pussy and tasted my cum and then we both cleaned our organs with a towel. The rain has stopped. Sunita gathered her clothes and asked me to come to her room late in night, after my mom and dad slept, so we can fuck again and enjoy sex. This was the most memorable day of my life. Atlast I was able to fuck my dream fantasy women. I was eagerly waiting for the night. Around 10 pm my mom and dad had their dinner and went to sleep in their room. I knocked on Sunita's door, she opened the door. She was wearing a transperent pink colour slip on, which was coming upto her ankles. Inside her bra and panty were clearly visible. I locked the door and we embraced each other, kissing and fondling each others body like sex hungry maniacs. She took me into her bedroom and removed all her things. Her sculptored body was shining in the bedroom light, as if though her fair body was made of marble. Seeing her naked gave me instant hard on and I also removed my clothes and became naked. She sat beside me and we started kissing each other, sucking each others tongue and teasing. I was pressing her melon like tits and rubbing her twat, She was also playing with my cock and jerking it same time. This made us both very horny. I put her in 69 position and started to lick her juicy pussy. She was sucking my cock hungrily. After a long session of sucking each other I became so horny that I put her in doggy style and entered my dick in her pussy and started to pump her from behind. My cock was ramming her cunt upto her abdomen and with each thrust she was moaning with pleasure and begging me to fuck her hard. I was sqeezing her tits and nipples and same time slapping on her buttocks. I was enjoying every moment of fucking. My balls were hitting her buttocks and making thud-thud noise. Pressure was increasing in my balls and cum started to ooze through my cock hole. After pumping her for 10 - 15 minutes like that, Sunita's pussy started to ejaculate pussy juice and she started to moan louder and louder banging her head up and down and then she exploded letting out gushes of her pussy juice. Her warm cunt juice made my cock reach climax and it let out jets of cum in her pussy walls. I don’t know how many times I exploded in her pussy and each time jet of my cum hit her pussy she ejaculated again and again. I have never seen any women come so many times in one session of fucking. My balls shot up all load in her pussy. I stayed like that for some time clutching her body and then withdrw my cock from her pussy, and we both slept side by side exhausted by all this exercise. We stayed like that for some time then she got up and kissed me passinately and said, "Thank you mere raja, that was the best fuck I ever had in my life and from today onwards my pussy will always be available for your cock." I said, "Meri rani, I promise that I will fuck you like this every day." She then took a towel and cleaned my cum smeared cock and her pussy and we both hugged each other and slept. Again after an hour or so we got up again and fucked each other. Before the day break I got dressed and came back to my room. Since that day when ever her husband is not in town I fuck Sunita 2 - 3 times daily. She loves my cock and my fucking. So friends this is how I fucked my tenants wife. If you liked this story please email me your suggestions and comments. Shortly I will post another such sexy story.

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